We can travel just about anywhere in Australia, even overseas! If your event is outside the metro area, you might be surprised how affordable the travel cost is – let us know your exact location and we’ll itemise the additional travel in a quote.

Does One Fun Band play at private residences as well as city venues?
We’re well-versed with just about every musical situation there is. We’ve toured with national artists & stage shows, we’ve played black-tie corporate events, hundreds of weddings, played for luxury hotel groups overseas, and we’re session musicians who have played on heaps of records. We’re comfortable anywhere – your private property, function venue, outdoor stage or beach ceremony.

We’re only expecting 20 guests, is it worth having live music?
We’ve played some intimate gatherings (think living room concert!) all the way up to 300+ at corporate team building events. It’s never too big or small for a party. We’re known for putting in the extra to make a fantastic party atmosphere happen and would love to do the same for your event too.

What time should the music start?
Our 5 hour booking includes 4 x 45 minute sets and begins with your reception (e.g. 6pm or whenever suits) and goes through until 11pm (or 5 hours after start). This covers both background/dinner and dancing/party music. If you require any extra time (e.g. an extension until 12am), this is easily available for $250 for the hour – you can add extra time later if you decide you need it.

What styles of music do One Fun Band play?
To set a relaxing and fun tone for your reception, your soloist will usually begin by playing live acoustic guitar and singing background music – classic favourites and easy listening style. As the evening progresses, the music shifts to dance floor anthems and party tunes. Have a read through our song list and feel free to make some requests!

Who plays background  music during the breaks?
That’s us! During breaks from live performance, we’ll DJ music through the PA, which sounds awesome. You can opt for anything from softer music over dessert & coffee, to banging club tunes – whatever works for you.

Can you play live music at our Ceremony and/or Canapés?
Our ceremony & canapés add-on is a very popular and affordable option. For $550 this includes a ceremony solo set, with nice relaxing music while guests arrive, then special songs for your aisle walk, signing, and exit. A great personal touch for your ceremony! Then while you’re having photos, a canapés set entertains guests while they have a drink and a chat.

Our special song is not on your song list – are you able to learn a song?
Personalising your special day is all part of the service, so if your must-have song is not on our playlist, we’re happy to learn it for you.

What time do we arrive at the venue?
The 5 hours begins once your reception starts, so for bump in & setup, we’ll arrive approximately an hour beforehand to make sure we’re setting up with plenty of time to spare.

Where can we see you guys play live? And which one of you will our soloist be?
As a unique collective of soloists, all full-time musicians, entertainment is what we do! No beginners or youtube bedroom artists here – we know you’ll be stoked with the quality of the performance on the night! To keep our price down, and our quality high, we don’t hold a showcase event. And as session musicians in high demand, we can’t know exactly which one of us would be available. Rest assured though you can expect exactly the level of professional quality you hear on the website demos, and whichever one of us plays for you will do an absolutely outstanding job!

Are we able to supply our favourite music on an iPod for playback through the PA?
If you’ve got your own playlists or songs that have special significance, or traditional music that you’d like to make a centerpiece, you’re welcome to supply a device with these ready to go, and we’ll be happy to play it back through our PA system for you.

We’ll need a mic for speeches, can we use yours?
You’re very welcome to use our complimentary mic for speeches.

My bridesmaid/groomsman would like to sing a song, can this be arranged?
For sure it can, and it’s always a great touch to have some personal involvement in the musical side of things! Let us know your plans in advance so we can organise it properly with the right song, key, etc. Being professionals, we would obviously never let your wedding become a karaoke night though (unless you specifically asked for this!)

We’re not really sure what music we want, can we just leave it to you to handle?
No worries if you’ve already got enough to do! We know what works, we know what gets people feeling great and what makes the dance floor pump. Leave it to us, have a cocktail or two, and rest assured that your event’s entertainment will be a resounding success.