1. During a 5 hour period your soloist will play an equivalent of 4 x 45 minute sets. For example, a sit down function might have 45 minutes of music while guests arrive and for entree, then a break over dinner and formalities, ready for the main dance bracket of 3 x 45 minutes sets for the rest of the night. A similar structure would apply to a cocktail function. Of course, this can be spaced any way you would like.

2. The 5 hours begins from when the soloist needs to be fully set up and ready to play. Be aware that setting up early or finishing later than the 5 hour mark is considered extra time and would need to be quoted accordingly.

3. Playlist music during breaks is provided. If you’ve got specific songs in mind, we can play those, and you’re even welcome to supply your own device/playlist.

4. If you are providing music for us to cue (such as first dance, break music), please bring it on a fully charged phone or ipad (with the dongle adapter if it’s an iphone), ensuring you disable the passcode and put it into Airplane mode to avoid unwanted interruptions or interference when playing your music. Please note we cannot cue from from USB drives.

5. The soloist will require a meal. Check with your venue as usually they will have a discounted crew meal on offer. This needs to be provided in addition to the quote. We will let you know if there are any dietary requirements prior to the day.

6. Any travel is calculated using the shortest route on Google maps. This money is passed onto the musician to cover their time and expenses, whilst providing adequate incentive to play out of town. As long as we are aware of the venue upfront, we will include travel costs (if any) in the quote we provide you.

7. You’re welcome to use our microphone for speeches (or even have a sing), but please do let us know before the event so we can come prepared. If your guests ask to come up for a sing we will not say yes unless we know that this is what YOU want. We always encourage participation throughout the night as it creates a fun energy, but we also need to be in control of our performance area for the safety of our equipment, and to ensure that your entertainment is at its best.

8. It happens quite often with us that the party is up and dancing so much that no one wants to go home. In that case, when you would like the soloist to play longer, it is negotiated between you and them directly on the night using cash.  

9. As part of the booking process we’ll work through a comprehensive music brief, so we know what songs you like (and what you don’t) and will incorporate that into the setlist for the night. We aren’t able to exactly follow a specified setlist, as some flexibility is required to play what works in a given moment, but we do allow as much input as possible. Of course, some people like to leave it totally up to us, which always works well too!

10. Once the deposit has been paid as per the quote, it is non-refundable in the event that your circumstances should change, including covid restrictions. If your date needs to change due to covid restrictions, we will be able to facilitate a postponement pending availability.

11. The final balance owing must be cleared into our bank account before the event date. We will email you to a reminder beforehand, but please do not delay in transferring the final balance. If we don’t have it in our account by the morning of your event, we cannot attend and perform for you.

12. We’re a close-knit circle of musicians, and we’ve performed (and rocked) hundreds of events. The soloist who attends your event will be one of us – a hand-picked, elite entertainer. If any request is made for a specific soloist we’ll endeavour to fill your request but we can’t guarantee. Rest assured by our 5-star rating, we’re not in the business of supplying anything other than excellent entertainment. 

13. Should the timeline we work out together not proceed as planned on the night (as sometime may happen), we will do our best to go with the flow and be flexible. If the schedule were to majorly deviate (rare, but possible) and after your speeches etc. there isn’t enough time to complete our remaining sets before the end of the 5 hour period, we cannot continue past 5 hours, unless arranged prior or paid for in cash on the night.